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PROTECT Wireless 24/7 Chiller Online Vibration Monitoring


  • Protect Wireless lets managers sleep soundly knowing someone is always watching
  • Know your Chiller's condition at all times and reduce your maintenance costs
  • Receive text messages and emails right to your smart phone for any sensor in alarm
  • Remotely analyze Chiller spectral vibration from anywhere via PC or smart phone
  • Also monitor current, voltage, energy usage, temperature, pressure, 4-20 mA . . .
  • Allows your team and experts to instantly confer and make decisions from anywhere
  • Great for permanently or temporarily monitoring your chillers

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Chillers are the life blood of every building because they strictly control the temperatures so each occupant is comfortable which allows them to concentrate on performing their job to the best of their ability. These machines operate at high speeds which requires precise engineering and maintenance. Continuous vibration analysis monitoring provides the precision necessary so the building operations can quickly identify the slightest change in the chillers health condition. Once identified, the the operators can work diligently with management, maintenance personnel and vibration analyst experts such a s VSC to specify the faults and plan any necessary repairs at a convenient time that will not effect the building tenants.

VSC has answered the call of an affordable wireless on-line chiller vibration analysis monitoring system with remote expert vibration data analysis support when you need it to immediately resolve your chiller vibration problems. The Protect Wireless monitoring system provides everyone the ability to conduct remote vibration analysis and closely monitor any chillers static, dynamic (vibration analysis) and differential probe data from anywhere around the globe.

Protect Wireless can collect up to eight (8) simultaneous channels across 128 or more multiplexed channels using just one system. So you can monitor the vibration, temperatures and current or all of them on one, five, ten or more chillers. This Protect Wireless system can be installed permanently or temporarily depending on your monitoring needs. Best of all is you can install it on your chillers and not have to run any wires back to view the data.

Protect Wireless provides every company large or small from anywhere around the globe the ability for a world class on-line predictive maintenance and vibration analysis monitoring program that was previously only attainable by wealthy Fortune 100 corporations. Now hospitals and office buildings can monitor their critical chiller system's health conditions with vibration analysis to ensure they are always available and no unexpected downtime occurs. Office buildings will constantly know the state of the chillers with simple color indicators that identify the status of each chiller and sensor. Following mechanical conditions for early problem resolution is critical so the cooling capacity is not reduced and tenants do not suffer as these systems go down when they are needed the most.

This wireless system will help change the maintenance world forever as machinery vibration and other equipment vital signs are beamed across the globe to a staff of experts who can diagnose your machinery problems and provide immediate maintenance solutions to onsite personnel. These resolutions are changing maintenance from reactive to PROACTIVE and chiller failures have become relicts of the past.

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