SV3X Data Collector

At every step of the way, the SV3X™ makes it easy for you. The data you collect are complete, accurate and consistent. With up to 4-channel simultaneous data acquisition you can capture data from a triaxial accelerometer or from two to four bearings using single axis probes in one third to one fourth the time as single/dual channel data collectors. With WinProtect software included you get early, reliable recognition of abnormal machine operation. And when machinery is experiencing unexplainable shutdowns, you can set up the SV3X’s Event Monitor to determine the culprit that caused your machinery to shut down. Collect data from any transducer system that generates a voltage or uses ICP.

SV3X-2010Time saved, in-house knowledge preserved.

We make it easy for you to cover more machines in less time without giving up reliable failure prediction:

  • 4 channels simultaneously (not multiplexed) for complete 3- axis vibration (as specified by ANSI S217 and ISO 2373-1974) saving nearly 70% of the data collection time
  • Huge Hard Drive saves reloading routes each morning… and it holds everything you collect for months

You can do all of this with the SV3X, because it expands to include more than fifteen functions.. You can easily take this power with you on-site, since it all fits in the same small package weighing less than 5 pounds. When you need a different analytical tool, it’s there ready to use. (If you aren’t using it, it’s hidden from view.) You can actually take along the complete trend-alarm-diagnostics program, WinProtect, to run the analysis while you are still on the job.

Your ability to predict failure is only as good as the data you collect.

Your database is a major investment in time and effort, so it better be good. We added automation to make it easy for you to easily collect the most reliable, complete and consistent data every time:

  • auto-continuity
  • auto-protection from out-of-band interference
  • auto-scaling with wide dynamic range (16-bits)
  • auto-averaging restart if a channel over loads
  • auto-speed tracking eliminates “smear” of false amplitudes
  • auto-sequencing through 2 or 3 ranges- narrow for best resolution, broader for best overview
  • auto-test point ID (opt.)
  • auto-bin-centering for precise amplitude/phase in plots of fundamental vs. RPM

The SV3X utilizes a Tablet PC, because that makes the SV3X so much more flexible than single-purpose data collectors. It has applications in vibration, balancing, laser coupling alignment, event monitoring and more. At the same time, the unit is simpler to use and less expensive than most two channel data collectors.

Collect Complete, Accurate, and Consistent Data

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