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VSC Video Case Studies

We sell training software which will help an inexperienced vibration analyst become a better diagnostician faster than learning on the job, and will help an experienced vibration analyst sharpen his/her skills.

The training software is called MDCase, it presents up to 50 real-world case histories in a simulated problem-solving environment. Each case was solved and documented by an experience Vibration Analyst. A variety of testing techniques were used to solve these machinery problems. Cases are available for Pumps, Motors, Turbines, Compressors, and Gearboxes.

MDCase is a PC-based training tool for people who want to gain experience identifying the cause of rotating-machinery problems. The product name 'MDCase ' is a short moniker for 'Machinery Diagnostic Case History Player', and is pronounced 'M' 'D' 'Case'.

As the expanded name suggests, MDCase allows the user to 'playback' a case history that focuses on a specific machinery malfunction. The 'player' functionality of MDCase puts the user (presumably you) in the role of a machinery diagnostician who is being requested to solve a machinery problem. As in the real world, the actual malfunction remains unknown until the user identifies it.

All case histories are based on real world problems which have been solved by experience diagnosticians. The cases include more information than is needed, so it is up to the user to sift through the available information and hone in on and interpret the relevant information.

There are many good courses which will teach you the basics of using the predictive/diagnostic technologies (e.g. vibration analysis, thermography, oil analysis, etc.), but the 'basics' don't become a 'skill' without sufficient practice. It would take many years for the typical machinery diagnostician to receive comparable exposure to the many case histories made available through MDCase.

A FREE evaluation version is available with two real-world case histories. This evaluation version is the complete case player with only 2 of the 50 available cases. Get your Evaluation CD by contacting us at vsc@vib.com.

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