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The Web Deflection system measures crankshaft distortion due to bearing misalignment and enables corrective action prior to shaft or bearing failure. Crankshaft distortion can result in excessive cyclic stress leading to fatigue, failure and shortened life. Distorted crankshafts can also cause bearing overheating, bearing failure and problems with other moving parts with close tolerances. The system provides an easy to use, reliable and accurate method to monitor and analyze trends in crankshaft web deflection measurements as part of a comprehensive engine maintenance program.

The Web Deflection system is composed of a battery-powered processing unit, WebMap2® for Windows™ Analysis Software, an Angle Encoder, an Adjustable Measuring Head with extensions and adjusting hardware, connecting cables (regular and Y-cable) and a carrying case.

A small transducer located within the body of the adjustable measuring head detects and measures any minute deflections occurring within the webs of the crankshaft. Magnets on the live centers of the adjustable measuring head ensure that it rotates along with the points in which it sits. Therefore, any errors due to shift in any center position are eliminated.

When either one of the light-emitting diodes (LED) on the measuring head is ON, it means the adjustable measuring head is not properly adjusted between the 'throws' or 'webs' of the crankshaft, and they will only extinguish when the head is properly adjusted. The Angle Encoder is designed to be attached to the crankshaft or the flywheel so that it rotates with the crankshaft in order to provide an angle of reference for each of the measurements. The Web Deflection system provides a steady stream of of data through its 9-pin connector output, which is captured, stored and analyzed by the WebMap2® software once the proper number of measurements are performed.

• Portable, sturdy and easily assembled
• Easy and accurate measurements of web deflection with no guesswork
• Quick analysis of measurements to define corrections

Measurement Specifications
  English Metric Angle
Range Deflection ±20 mils Deflection ±200 microns 360°
Resolution 0.01 mils 1 micron
Accuracy 0.01 mils plus 2% of reading 1 micron plus 2% of reading
Web Opening Range 3.9 to 20.8 inches 99 to 528 mm -

Web Deflection