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Vibration Analysis Engineering Services

VSC’s vibration analysis engineering services are comprised of Noise and Vibration Control. There is no need to live with annoying noise and vibration hazards in your workplace.

Vibration analysis engineering services develop solutions to make your work environment more pleasant. Our staff can present off-the-shelf answers or develop hardware and software that accurately meet your needs. VSC is the first company to implement an active control device for resolving resonant floor vibration in buildings. With advanced floor vibration testing technology, our engineers can greatly reduce floor vibration or virtually eliminate it altogether. We continue to seek the latest techniques and technologies to resolve all of your noise and vibration issues. This makes our vibration analysis service second to none.

Infrared Thermography Services

Infrared thermography condition monitoring reduces unexpected electrical and mechanical equipment failures. VSC’s infrared thermography services detect abnormal temperatures that may signify corrosion, damaged wiring, loose connections, and/or insulation breakdown. This advanced analysis technique alerts customers in advance of problems, reducing repair costs and increasing operating time.


As mechanical and electrical components wear or deteriorate, their thermographic intensity steadily develops, radiating more heat until inevitable destruction. Structures benefit from infrared thermography condition monitoring through the identification of leaks in roofs and energy inefficiencies. Infrared thermography inspection services for structures and equipment allow customers to foresee faults well before they become problems. Such power is essential in enabling managers to maximize production and profits for their investors.

Applications for Infrared Thermography Services

• Power/Distribution Lines
• Motors
• Bearings
• Couplings
• Substations
• Electrical Cabinets
• Motor Control Centers
• Buss Runs
• Transformers
• Roof Moisture Analysis
• Heat Loss/Gain Analysis

Thermographic Analysis Capabilities

VSC’s infrared thermography services reduce customer repair costs while prolonging mechanical and electrical equipment’s operational life. Our system distinguishes the temperature disparities produced by loose connections, damaged/corroded wiring, hot bearings, etc. VSC’s detailed thermographic analysis provides images to document problems in addition to experienced recommendations for corrective actions. Capitalize on VSC’s strength in technology and experience to protect your investments.

Everything above absolute zero degree temperatures (-273° C) radiates energy in the infrared spectrum. Thermography is an infrared imaging technique that utilizes an electronic detection system (camera) to display variations in infrared radiation. Our infrared thermography inspection services detect changes in thermal energy (electromagnetic radiation), which is viewed directly on screen and/or converted to a file for storage or hard copy printout. Machinery problems identified using this technology include inadequate bearing lubrication or bearing wear, inadequate coupling lubrication or wear, leaking valves or seals, and motor stator heat source emissions, indicative of possible stator (winding) problems, etc. Infrared thermography services are also useful in evaluating circuit wiring, transformers, electrical pot heads, insulators, and heat loss in buildings/structures, valves, seals, etc. VSC offers thermography products and services and can even incorporate the results of infrared machinery scanning into a Condition Monitoring program. This serves to enhance analysis capabilities, thus resulting in a more effective monitoring program.

Ultrasonic Predictive Maintenance Services

For ultrasonic predictive maintenance, heat exchangers, compressors, pipes, and valves are just a few places where ultrasound inspections can detect leaking gases or fluids. Our periodic testing catches problems early to help you maintain peak productivity. This sonic technique not only locates expensive leaks in steam traps, welds, and valves, but can be even more valuable in detecting certain electrical faults, such as Arching and Corona.

Ultrasonic predictive maintenance is a relatively new technology with an expanding array of applications. It is capable of detecting sounds that lie outside the human hearing range, and are great indicators of failing mechanical conditions. As a result, ultrasonic testing has become an essential part of any competent predictive maintenance program.

VSC has helped customers maintain reliable equipment by using ultrasound predictive maintenance equipment in unison with the other predictive technologies. By itself, ultrasonic techniques detect faults on critical machinery such as compressors, valves, boilers, heat exchangers, steam traps and some electrical components. For instance, its ability to trace minor sounds of escaping gas is vital in optimizing production. Left undetected, these pipe leaks and weld leaks quickly deteriorate, inevitably resulting in a costly disaster.

Tomorrow, hundreds of plants worldwide will encounter preventable catastrophic failures that harm employees and ruin equipment. By Routinely Monitoring Plant Equipment, customers can ward off expensive failures and eliminate production inefficiencies while heightening plant safety.

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