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Marine Engine Condition Monitoring Services

VSC provides marine engine condition monitoring and complete vessel vibration analysis services, enabling shipboard machinery to operate beyond ABS’ imposed five year repair cycle. We can not only develop your complete monitoring program but also provide instrumentation, software, training, and remote data analysis services.

VSC can aid crew members in establishing their own marine engine condition monitoring effort or enhance an existing program. We also have all the services to detect and alleviate your worst machinery problems. You never have to settle for poorly operating machinery. VSC personnel can meet your vessel, diagnose the problem, and aid you in developing a solution.

Established Marine Condition Monitoring Experts

By 1945, VSC’ Condition Monitoring and Portable Balancing Machines were found in nearly every shipyard in the free world. Today, our comprehensive array of products and services are particularly well suited to meet the evolving condition monitoring and vibration analysis needs of the marine industry. As a result, the marine industry is afforded a more reliable ship/system and reduced life cycle costs.

Condition Monitoring and Vibration Analysis for Your Vessel

Vibration in shipboard applications presents certain unique conditions related to the hull and propulsion shafting. Some cases are more extreme than others. For example, in the case of an ice breaker ship, hull and prop related vibration is accompanied by the impact, crushing, and undulating associated with the breaking of ice. Therefore, effective marine engine condition monitoring must ensure that all shipboard applications are working properly, since ice chunks the size of Volkswagens are forced through boat propellers.

Condition Monitoring of boat machinery subject to such harsh environments should employ condition monitoring and vibration analysis that is capable of learning the subtleties of how that equipment operates under various marine conditions. The software must also provide exceptional threshold capabilities to only recognize real problems, minimizing errors like nuisance alarms in marine diesel engine monitoring systems.

If your ship or fleet needs help establishing a Predictive Maintenance program or Marine Engine Condition Monitoring program, VSC will assist you in your exploration of options. We are also fully equipped to meet your ABS condition monitoring requirements. We will help you determine what type of program, training, and equipment will satisfy the requirements.

Various start-up packages are offered to accommodate most any budget.

Other VSC marine services include:

  • Machinery overhaul and repair
  • Shaft Alignment (laser, optical, or conventional)
  • Builder’ and Acceptance Sea Trials-including:
  • Hull, superstructure, and machinery vibration surveys
  • Diesel Engine and Reciprocating Compressor Analysis
  • Vibration Analysis (local or remote, or periodic)
  • Balancing (high or low speed, in-situ or on balance machine)
  • Infrared Thermography
  • Oil Analysis
  • Acoustical Testing
  • Training

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