The on-going confluence of IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology) is transforming industrial processes dramatically. It is gradually changing industrial companies into digital firms, in addition to these shifts. In huge sectors, including oil and gas, energy, manufacturing, and aerospace, technologies like cloud computing, BigData, and the (Industrial) Internet-of-Things (IoT) are being used to […]

All of the machines used by humankind produce vibration. Vibration analysis is a process wherein these vibrational waves produced by the machines are analyzed, which helps in diagnosing the health of the various parts of the machine and thereby predict when the machine needs maintenance. Featuring for The Business Fame’s this issue of The Most […]

In 1918, N. W. Akimoff, a Russian immigrant, invented the first-ever dynamic balancing machine in the United States and helped pave the way in the last Industrial Revolution. Akimoff made it possible for the industry to balance machine rotors such as turbines, pumps, fans, or rolls and was duly lauded for his ingenuity in the […]

According to the U.S. Federal Energy Management Program, over 55% of maintenance conducted in the United States is reactive or Run to Failure. This means that no money or manpower are used on the machinery until it breaks and can no longer perform its work. This maintenance mindset has plagued the U.S. and the world […]

Vibration testing is an essential part of maintaining mission-critical machinery that powers your business. The foundation of all vibration testing is the data provided by the frequency of a motor or fan operating at its nominal RPM. An analyst working with a motor that turns at 900 RPM is looking for how the machine vibrates […]