Jeff McGuckin, President, VSC

VSC was founded in 1918 by N.W. Akimoff, a Russian immigrant who helped usher in the last Industrial Revolution in the United States with the invention of the first dynamic balancing machine. His idea transformed the United States industrial world, making it possible for companies to precisely balance machine rotors such as motors, pumps, turbines, fans and rolls so they all operate smoothly while, more importantly, drastically extending their useful life. Akimoff solved the machinery problems for industrial titans, balancing Thomas Edison’s motors and generator as well as Henry Ford’s Model T crankshafts.

VSC’s balancing equipment also played a pivotal role in the US Navy’s operations during World War II, as every shipyard in the free world had Akimoff’s balancing machines in it for the US Navy’s war effort. Furthermore, during this time all the company’s employees were also exempt from the US draft due to their critical importance in supporting the war effort. Since then, VSC has secured its position as a leader in developing the most advanced predictive maintenance technologies and services.

Career Journey

VSC’s industrial internet of things (IoT) technological odyssey began many years ago when the founders of our amazing partner, Strong Force, approached our President, Jeff McGuckin, about creating products and patent ideas for the industrial loT. At that point, VSC had numerous ideas but certainly did not have the ability or finances to patent any of their innovations.

Strong Force not only had a new inventive and extensive patenting approach but, also, the financial backing to fund a massive patent portfolio. Initially, they started patenting singular ideas which have now grown into an entire industrial ecosystem, covering nearly every possible aspect, including signal communications, databases, data storage, signal processing, signal manipulation, data presentation, artificial intelligence, digital twins, the industrial Metaverse and so much more. These broad patents are all building blocks creating a well-fortified moat around the industrial loT. VSC and Strong Force currently hold over 220 patents with a final vision of up to 500 patents for this industry altering technology.

Source of Inspiration

Mr. Jeff McGuckin acknowledges that his company’s success, spanning over a century, is rooted in their unwavering commitment to maintaining exceptional standards. From their earliest days, the company has prioritized precision rotor balancing and has extended this principle to their other services and tech- nologies. They have used N. W. Akimoff as a source of inspiration after he immigrated to the United States from Russia with an enterprising zeal that helped his new nation forge extensive industrial advancements while also purging the world of the evil tyranny.


Talking about the services of VSC, Jeff McGuckin says that VSC is a
technology-driven company that offers onsite and remote monitoring of machine diagnostics and balancing for various industries. They continue to innovate in the latest Industrial Revolution, with their notable development being V-Stream, a vibration streaming technology. By capturing diagnostic data using state-of-the-art instrumentation, V-Stream utilizes dynamic digital twins and artificial intelligence to identify machinery faults in a user-friendly visual manner. This enables clients to easily identify early maintenance actions, such as timely lubrication, resulting in improved machinery performance.

Service Portfolio

VSC, under the guidance of Jeff McGuckin, has developed innovative technologies that are transforming machinery maintenance practices. Their V-Stream vibration data streaming technology captures long, continuous raw data streams, enabling limitless signal processing for the earliest discovery of mechanical faults. This technology’s post-data capture analysis and problem detection IS setting VSC apart from competitors.

Additionally, their TruTwin digital twin innova- tion simplifies vibration analysis by providing a true visual representation of the actual machine motion, aiding in fault identification. VSC’s Industrial Service Ecosystem, backed by numerous patents and inventions, preserves critical maintenance and mechanical knowl- edge, and integrates artificial intelligence solutions.

These advancements improve both preventive and predictive maintenance, allowing organizations to spot problems earlier and perform timely tasks to resolve issues before they escalate. Overall, VSC is revolutionizing machinery maintenance through their advanced technologies and commitment to innovation.

VSC Position in the current market place

VSC stands out in the machinery industry with their unique approach to data collection and analysis. While the industry relies on traditional snapshot vibration data collection, VSC captures significantly more raw data, enabling endless post-collection manipulation and analysis.

This allows them to uncover subtle indicators of machinery faults in their early stages. By integrating their technology with analytics and artificial intelligence, VSC aims to automate fault-finding processes and detect previously unknown issues.

They continue to refine their technology and explore new techniques to improve their offerings. With their innovative approach, VSC can retrospectively review raw data to identify anomalies and address machinery problems effectively. This commitment to advanced data analysis ensures that fault recognition becomes an integral part of their maintenance practices, driving continuous improvement in the industry.
Opportunities for Machine service industry

Mr. Jeff McGuckin envisions opportunities in the machinery service industry to push maintenance technologies to new heights.
While others believe they have reached the peak, VSC feels they are just scratching the surface and strive to prove the effectiveness of their technology through data analytics and case studies.

Their goal is to demonstrate that their approach can make a significant difference in the industry. By gathering more data and providing evidence of tangible results, VSC aims to reshape perceptions and drive wider adoption of their technology. They are committed to seizing opportunities and advancing the industry through their dedication to proving the efficacy of their approach.

Primary Object

The prime objective of VSC, as a service provider, is to enable companies of all sizes to have access to early predictive machinery fault detection. Their goal is to empower organizations to take proactive maintenance measures and prevent the deterioration of machinery.

By identifying faults at an early stage, VSC aims to extend the operational lifespan of machinery beyond its theoretical life expectancy. They are committed to providing solutions that allow companies to optimize their maintenance practices and achieve long-term reliability and efficiency.

VSC Strength

VSC’s strength, according to Jeff McGuckin, lies in its identity as a small and innovative company. Unlike larger corporations, VSC avoids bureaucratic hurdles and can freely pursue ideas without seeking upper management approval. This flexibility allows them to fully explore every thought with potential, leading to remarkable innovations.

Moreover, VSC’s partnership with Strong Force enables them to engage in the patent process while simultaneously developing their ideas. This combination of freedom, innovation, and intellectual property protection contributes to VSC’s strength as an agile and forward-think- ing organization.

Future Roadmap

VSC plans to continue the intense cooperation with their amazing business partner Strong Force in order to patent fresh concepts, cultivate their industrial ecosystem and explore potential acquirers for their massive patent portfolio. Meanwhile, they will remain on the lookout for new investors and partners that share their vision and can enrich the creation and application of their ever-advancing technology.

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