Precision Balance Center

Precision Balancing for Faster, Smaller Rotors

Our Balancing Center’ near 100 year history of premier precision balancing continues as we exceed the most stringent tolerances down to micro ounce-inches.

Our experienced staff’ detailed understanding of balance dynamics ensures every element’ deficiencies are satisfied. Whether it involves resolving a critical or properly addressing the cross-effect, each issue is solved with painstaking precision. In our precision balance center, we can balance virtually all types weighing from 1 gram to 20,000 lbs using one of our nine Schenck Trebel balancing machines.

In addition to vibration analysis, low speed balancing, and dynamic balancing, we can design and fabricate special adapters, tooling, and fixtures in order to balance or repair your machinery. We also provide sandblasting, cleaning, special speed testing and other pre- or post-balancing services. Our precision balancing services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If necessary, we can perform on-site balancing with one of our eight portable balancing machines.

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