WinProtect Vibration Analysis Software

WinProtect is vibration analysis software that manages the definition, acquisition, review, communication, and reporting of vibration and process data. It uses an intuitive and productive user interface.

WinProtect vibration analysis software features 4-channel route collection, real-time analysis and event monitoring with supporting 4-channel plotting and report formats. This is software for vibration analysis and it is used for many vibration monitoring applications.

WinProtect promotes the sharing of information by publishing in popular document formats (rtf, doc, pdf) and incorporating today’ communication functionality (internet email, peer-to-peer networking, LAN networking, modem, etc.)

With WinProtect running on the highly versatile SV3X platform (or your Notebook / Laptop PC), you can collect, analyze, publish, and share your data, analyses, and reports. WinProtect can be used as remote vibration monitoring software that can function and perform tests over an internet or modem link.

WinProtect Vibration Analysis Software Specifications

Data Management:
Operating system – Windows 7/8/10
Control – via pen, mouse and/or keyboard.

Major Features:

  • Data organized by Companies and Sites (i.e., Plants or individual facilities) (limited only by platform resources)
  • Sites can contain thousands of Machines.
  • Machines can have any number of test points, define test-point specific alarm levels.
  • Each test point can have any number of sample collection definitions (waveforms, FFTs, envelope, DC levels).
  • Data totaling 500 MBytes per Site are possible. Since only the hardware platform’s storage capability limits the number of Sites, Total data storage is practically unlimited.
  • Define machine-specific failure frequency characteristics, attach pictures.
  • Develop routes from template libraries (included), build your own template libraries.
  • Display spectra, waveforms, cascades, trends, envelopes.
  • Editing security, user-specific settings, customizable interface, open architecture design
  • Print and annotate all data.
  • System Administration tools and standard Windows Help system (with demos and tutorials) included.

Available Design Libraries:

  • Standard bearings (approx. 7000).
  • Standard electric motors (approx. 800).
  • Typical machine layout templates (> 40)
  • Transducer types (40).

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