Integrate PdM Technologies for the Whole Picture

All of the predictive maintenance technologies produce wonderful results on their own but when you pool them all together it opens an entirely new world.¬† One of the most important aspects of predictive maintenance is to make your machinery more reliable.¬† So wouldn’t it be appropriate if your diagnosis was more reliable as well.¬†

A vibration spectrum can show you that you have a bearing problem or a misaligned coupling but wouldn’t you like to verify your analysis with a different technology to confirm those findings. How difficult is it to take an infared scan to see what the coupling looks like and if it confirms your diagnosis.¬† Or how about pulling out your ultrasound to make sure the bearing sounds rough.¬†

You will find taking the time to confirm your results will ensure you make the right call.  More importantly you will most likely find additional faults that the initial technology did not even identify.  As a result, you will resolve more equipment problems meanwhile raising the reliability of your plant.

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