Vibration Analysis

Vibration analysis is used to monitor critical rotating machinery and determine the effects that harmful vibrations have on this machinery. Advanced vibrational analysis products can determine if machinery is out of alignment or unbalanced, if belts are worn or loose, if gear teeth are worn or chipped, and to what extent of damage these common problems have caused. Wireless vibration analysis devices can remotely measure vibration data, while fixed devices can be installed for continuous condition monitoring. Vibration analysis can even determine how badly a bearing is damaged, which aids in prevention of unscheduled downtime.

vibrational analysis screen

Often, companies rely on their spare parts to see them through these unnecessary downtimes, without knowing the condition of their spares. By using monthly vibrational analysis, a company can trend a bearing’s deficiency and determine in advance the best time to fix the problem so production is not disturbed. Vibrational analysis products can provide companies with huge savings each year from production loss, overtime, wasted energy and excess parts.

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