WinProtect Software

WinProtect manages the definition, acquisition, review, communication, and reporting of vibration and process data with an intuitive/productive user interface.

WinProtect features 4-channel route collection, real-time analysis and event monitoring with supporting   4-channel plotting and report formats.

WinProtect promotes the sharing of information by publishing in popular document formats (rtf, doc, pdf) and incorporating today’s communication functionality (internet email, peer-to-peer networking, LAN networking, modem, etc. )

With WinProtect running on the highly versatile SV3X platform (or your Notebook / Laptop PC), you can collect, analyze, publish, and share your data, analyses, and reports. WinProtect can be used for remote monitoring / testing using an internet or modem link.

WinProtect™ Specifications:

Data Management:
Operating system – Windows 7/8/10
Control – via pen, mouse and/or keyboard.

Major Features:

  • Data organized by Companies and Sites (i.e., Plants or individual facilities) (limited only by platform resources)
  • Sites can contain thousands of Machines.
  • Machines can have any number of test points, define test-point specific alarm levels.
  • Each test point can have any number of sample collection definitions (waveforms, FFTs, envelope, DC levels).
  • Data totaling 500 MBytes per Site are possible. Since only the hardware platform’s storage capability limits the number of Sites, Total data storage is practically unlimited.
  • Define machine-specific failure frequency characteristics, attach pictures.
  • Develop routes from template libraries (included), build your own template libraries.
  • Display spectra, waveforms, cascades, trends, envelopes.
  • Editing security, user-specific settings, customizable interface, open architecture design
  • Print and annotate all data.
  • System Administration tools and standard Windows Help system (with demos and tutorials) included.

Available Design Libraries:

  • Standard bearings (approx. 7000).
  • Standard electric motors (approx. 800).
  • Typical machine layout templates (> 40)
  • Transducer types (40).

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