Stricter Rotor Balancing Standards Are Needed

Stricter rotor balancing standards are one of the biggest issues that we have been addressing for clients for the last couple of decades has been improperly balanced rotors. We have armed them with the proper balancing standards that they demand every one of their rotating assemblies (fans, pumps, motors, compressors, couplings, sheaves ) are balanced to with certifications from the manufacturers and contractors to prove this final balance condition of each rotor.

The reason we have provide this guidance was too many clients were having perpetual machinery failures which we found tied to poor initial rotor balance conditions. In an effort to cut costs, many balancing standards that were used successfully for nearly a century have all been loosened resulting in unbalanced rotors, premature machinery wear and frequent repairs.

The most grossly negligent issue we have been resolving for over a decade is improperly balanced rotors (motors, fans, pumps, couplings, and sheaves). In an effort to cut costs many balancing standards that were used successfully for nearly a century have all been loosened resulting in unbalanced machinery leading to premature wear. It only takes a few minutes for an experienced balancing technician to meet the tighter standards from today’ loose ones.

In the industrial age through the Cold War the Navy balancing standard was the gold standard for rotor balancing in the United States. During this time, machinery lasted 20, 30 or more years with simple preventive maintenance measures. Partly because we had the mind set when building machinery if in doubt build it stout. So we built and over engineered machines with more strength and metal than was needed but we wanted to make sure they worked and lasted.

Today we are in a totally different era as we fight for our spot in a global marketplace where costs are all that count. You are not awarded the contract if your machine lasts for twenty years but you are if you can make it cheaper even if it only lasts just past the year warranty.

Obviously we can no longer make the machinery with the over engineered specifications as we did in the past because the time and materials are too costly. So we must make sleeker machinery which in variably runs at faster speeds, making them even more susceptible to the slightest imbalance. So it does not make any sense to us that the rotor balancing standards have been loosened in order to save pennies. It only takes an experienced and knowledgeable balancing technician a few extra minutes to balance a rotor to a tight reliable standard that has stood the test of time.

The difference in machine performance, reliability and infrequency of repairs from a tighter balance is night and day. We learned countless lessons through the Industrial revolution which improved our machinery and maintenance practices. Let us embrace these lessons or we are doomed to relive all the hardships that came with these lessons. Proper rotor balancing is one of the most critical factors in the manufacturing process that does not significantly add to production cost but totally dictates a machines performance, reliability and life span. So demand all your manufacturers and contractors balance every one of your rotors to a tight tolerance or send it to us and we will make sure it is right.

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