Targeted Maintenance


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1000x More Data Means Better Maintenance


VSTREAM digitally records and streams up to eight channels of gap free machine performance data. Discover complex maintenance issues before they become a significant barrier to your success.

Targeted Maintenance

at the Speed of Data

High Resolution Data

VSTREAM collects raw, unprocessed data from your machinery, allowing for perpetual, flexible and robust R&D for new diagnostic and signal processing techniques.

Unlimited Data Reprocessing

The raw data from your machinery can be converted, resampled and transformed to unravel and discover trends in performance, or issues that need attention.

Cloud-Based Data

Cloud archived stream data provides AI a vast source for perpetual deep data mining with evolving process techniques that continually improve machine monitoring.

Artificial Intelligence

Automated and intelligent processes continuously mine the data rich stream extracting statistically significant patterns to devise new fault predictors as well as match pre-established ones to improve uptime and predicting maintenance events.

TruTwin Technology

Utilize the VSTREAM data to create a digital twin of your machinery, and easily visualize bearing vibration with the actual machine movement to facilitate fault identification.

See the issues that are affecting your production, slowing down your line, and causing machinery to be unavailable for maintenance in an easy-to-understand visual representation.

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