SV3X Toolbox

SV3X_toolboxThe basic SV3X balancing package consists of the SV3X, a four channel pigtail BNC adapter cable, phase reference marker, two single axis accelerometers with cabling to BNC connectors, reflective tape for marking the shaft and balancing software. The balancing system is a robust package which provides a convenient means for balancing any rotor type. It can simultaneously track up to two planes with constant monitoring of rpm, amplitude and phase. It can determine running speed to within a hundredth of an rpm, measure amplitude with better than 80 db of dynamic range and phase to within a tenth of a degree or better. It can also track speeds from 20 to 60,000 rpm and faster, depending upon the phase reference marker selection.

SV3X Toolbox Specifications

WinBalance Software

winbalance_screenThe PC-based WinBalance makes balancing and resolving balance-related problems easier over a broad range of situations and machines. The software operates on any PC using Microsoft Windows XP, 98 or 2000, and VSC’s SpectraDec or SV3X hardware. It enables you to collect, analyze and record the data necessary for conducting both single and two-plane balancing on virtually any rotor in the field.

You can operate the software as a stand alone module or integrated with VSC’s WinProtect machinery diagnostic software. In addition to normal balancing information, WinBalance provides Spectra and Time waveform data with a single click of the mouse. Now you can quickly analyze the situation to verify a balancing problem. One more click and you can save the data to capture the condition for you records. During balancing, the software also records the amplitude and phase so you can present all the data later on in many different formats.

Balance Any Rotor Type

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