SV3X Toolbox: Vibration Analyzer Specifications

The SV3X Toolbox, vibration analyzer equipment, comes in two different ‘flavors’: Rugged and Mini. Depending on your needs, you can get the SV3X toolbox in a rugged version that adheres to MIL-STD 810F rugged computer standard weighing approximately five (5) pounds. However, if you do not work in harsh environments, you might prefer our Mini version for a more portable vibration analysis option for analyzing your rotating equipment. This is based on an Ultra Mobile Personal Computer (UMPC), so the mini version of this vibration analyzer equipment weighs just over three (3) pounds. You will be amazed at the power that such a tiny version of our vibration analyzer equipment offers.

SV3X Toolbox Brochure

Buy SV3X vibration analyzer equipment for one module, add others when needed.

  • Four (4) or eight (8) simultaneous channels (not multiplexed) for complete 3- axis vibration data collection (as specified by ANSI S217 and ISO 2373-1974) saving nearly 70% of the data collection time compared to one or two channel analyzers.
  • Huge Hard Drive saves reloading routes each morning… and it holds everything you collect from your rotating equipment vibration analysis for months.
  • Built-in Wireless Networking and Internet Connectivity

You can easily take this portable vibration analyzer equipment with you on-site, since it all fits in a very small package weighing less than 5 pounds. When you need a different analytical tool, it’ there ready to use. You can actually take along the complete trend-alarm-analysis program, WinProtect, for more portable vibration analysis while you are still working with your rotating equipment.

Your ability to predict failure is only as good as the data you collect.

Your database is a major investment in time and effort, so it needs to be good. We added automation to make it easy for you to easily collect the most reliable, complete and consistent data every time:

  • auto-scaling with wide dynamic range (16-bits)
  • auto-averaging restart if a channel over loads
  • auto-sequencing through 2 or 3 ranges- narrow for best resolution, broader for best overview
  • auto-test point ID (opt.)
  • auto-bin-centering for precise amplitude/phase in plots of fundamental vs. RPM

The SV3X utilizes a Tablet or Ultra Mobile PC, because that makes the SV3X vibration analyzer equipment so much more flexible than single-purpose data collectors. It has application in rotational vibration, infrared thermography, ultrasonic measurement, Balancing, alignment, and more. At the same time, the portable vibration analysis unit is simpler to use, easier to take with you, and less expensive than most one or two channel data collectors.

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