Protect Wireless: Wireless Vibration Analysis System

VSC has answered the call for an affordable on-line wireless vibration analysis machine monitoring system. This system allows us to provide you with 24/7 remote expert vibration data analysis support whenever you need it, to immediately resolve your equipment problems.

Protect Wireless Remote Vibration Monitoring System

Provide everyone with the ability to conduct wireless vibration analysis. You can closely monitor any piece of equipment’ static, dynamic (vibration analysis) and differential process and vibration data from anywhere around the globe. This has evolved since 1930, when VSC developed the Vibrograph, the first triaxial predictive maintenance product with vibration analysis. Today, VSC remains by your side with expert vibration analysis anywhere and anytime to resolve any of your equipment problems.

  • Provides 24-bit resolution for a crystal clear signal for better analytics
  • Collects up to 40 kHz on 1, 2, 4 or 8 simultaneous channels
  • Can take in hundreds of channels, in banks of eight (8) channels at a time
  • Accepts any type of input, voltages, 4-20 mA process data and vibration spectra data
  • Offers real-time wireless vibration analysis from anywhere around the globe via your computer and smart phone
  • Allows your team and experts to view the same data, confer and instantly make decisions that, until now took weeks
  • Great for permanently monitoring one or more machines, or for moving from one machine to another and screening emerging issues
  • Review Protect Wireless full Specifications

Protect Wireless can collect up to eight (8) simultaneous channels and a total 128 channels using our multiplexer. You can monitor a simple four bearing pump, ten pumps, or a large multi-stage high speed compressor or even a turbine all using the same highly scalable Protect wireless system. In fact, our Protect Wireless system can be installed permanently or just as easily rove from one piece of equipment to another depending on your wireless vibration analysis needs.

Protect Wireless provides every company large or small from anywhere around the globe the ability for a world class on-line 24/7 predictive maintenance monitoring program that was previously only attainable by wealthy Fortune 100 corporations. Now, hospitals can monitor their critical operating room ventilation fan system’ health conditions to ensure they are always available for any emergency surgery. Office buildings will be able to monitor their motors, cooling pumps, chillers and cooling towers mechanical conditions for early problem resolution so the cooling capacity is not reduced and tenants do not suffer as these systems go down when they are needed the most.

This remote vibration monitoring equipment can work wirelessly and via ethernet, which will change the maintenance world forever, as machinery vibration and other equipment vital signs such as temperatures and pressures are beamed across the globe to our staff of experts who can diagnose your machinery problems and provide immediate maintenance actions. These advances in wireless vibration analysis will change maintenance from reactive to PROACTIVE and equipment failures will become relics of the past, being those that we had heard existed once, but we’ve never seen.

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