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<h1><font size=2px>Introducing...</font><br /><br /></h1>
							<p><h1><i>PROTECT</i> Wireless</h1><br />
<p>PROTECT Wireless is a game changer. It cost effectively blends remote machinery and facility monitoring into one powerful package. Until now, such monitoring systems were price prohibitive. Sufficient ROI was only justified on extremely expensive machinery such as turbine generators.</p>
<p>•  Cost effective online machinery monitoring</p>
<p>•  24-bit resolution with hardware auto-ranging provides an effective signal-to-noise ratio up to 177db</p>
<p>•  Offers real-time data analysis from anywhere around the globe via the Internet and your smart phone</p>
<p><a href='http://www.vib.com/prod-protect-wireless.html'>Click Here for More Information</a></p> </p> <h1>VibScout</h1>
							<p>The VibScout is the economical solution that monitors your machines' health conditions using vibration. The system can alarm on its own and also link the data to your existing plant PLC or DCS systems so you can quickly see a problem as it develops. <a href='http://www.vib.com/prod-vibscout.html'>Click Here for More Information</a></p> <h1>SV3X</h1>
							<p>The SV3X's four (4) or eight (8) channel configuration and unmatched versatility makes finding and repairing machinery faults easy while saving you considerable time, money, and effort. <a href='http://www.vib.com/prod-vib-sv3x.html'>Click Here for More Information</a></p> <h1>Vibration Analysis</h1>
							<p>Collecting machinery vibration data provides detailed information on the health of your equipment. Our state-of-of-the-art testing equipment, diagnostic techniques, and nearly a century of experience combine to predict your machinery problems well before breakdown, reducing unexpected downtime and repair costs.  <a href='http://www.vib.com/vibration-analysis.html'>Click Here for More Information</a></p> <h1>Dynamic Balancing</h1>
							<p>Dynamic balancing provides for smooth efficient operating machinery while extending equipment life by eliminating the vibration that destroys mechanical components. Our precision balancing reduces downtime and repair costs while increasing your productivity. <a href='http://www.vib.com/rotor-balancing.html'>Click Here for More Information</a></p>
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An Evolution In Machinery Monitoring

Since 1918 VSC has been the trusted leader in predictive maintenance by developing and using the most modern technologies for advanced problem detection and resolution.

The Game Has Changed!

Meet the next generation, PROTECT Wireless. In today's fast-paced industrial environments, wireless is the bridge to that smarter, greener plant we all desire. It reduces manpower requirments while meeting the needs of emerging markets and rapid growth.

...and we're just getting started!









We offer complete services including all of today's predictive and diagnostic technologies and skills. The services offered by the VSC Field Service Department include: